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It is easy as sending bills to your
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Find out how you can upgrade your business needs with “Send eBills“

Usually  large companies generate large volume of paper bills annually. The disadvantages are obvious, sending paper bills will cost for the organization heavily. In addition, paper billing involve many manual steps, which are prone to errors, requires long processing time and definitely will cost for the human resources needed for this process.

This is why we offer secure electronic billing to optimize your billing process, save costs, reduce the amount and cost on manual and minimize paper consumption by sending bills to your customers phone or computers.Our eBilling service also comes with a delivery or error reporting which enable you to track the customer’s behaviour. What ever the sector you are in, healthcare, insurance, banks, airlines, industrial companies, membership clubs or even the small to medium enterprise can be benefited from our service since ‘billing’ play a major role in almost every business . At the same time, eBilling will lead you to  eMarketing opportunities and eCRM where customer relationship improvement will create competitive advantages.


Save Money.. Save Tress.. It’s good for you and our Earth.


No more sensitive printed information
finding its way into the wrong hands.


Easy for you to keep track of customers. view and pay bills online.

Whether it’s the green in the environment or your cost for billing, reducing paper consumption by using eBills can help save it.

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